Making the Grade

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Teacher Carolyn Allen has been reading and telling stories at Desoto Trail Elementary for 15 years. Now she has a new story to tell. The school received its first ever blue ribbon.

Carolyn says, "It’s the highest honor that a school can earn in the nation and It’s just incredible. I think it’s awesome that we won it."

Deerlake Middle School joins Desoto Trail as another blue ribbon school in Tallahassee, two out of just 13 in the state, a reason to celebrate and bring out the big names like Mayor John Marks, Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings and Congressman Allen Boyd.

Rep. Allen Boyd says, "These guys have made it happen. They are they worked within some difficult circumstances, the No Child Left Behind criteria, and they've excelled and they are recognized as one of the very few schools in the country that has excelled to this level so we're really proud of em."

Both principals say making the grade doesn't stop here. They plan to keep working hard along with the rest of the school system to keep improving academically, though Allen says it's nice to take a minute to recognize achievement.

Carolyn Allen says, "This is an extremely hardworking staff and student body and it pays off with this honor."

But it's right back to the books to try and do it all again.

Blue ribbon schools are selected using several criteria, including test scores in the state's top 10 percent and dramatic testing improvement.