Live Oak Administrator Resigns

Live Oak city administrator Matt Brock has resigned.

Mayor Sonny Nobles says it was the consensus of the city council that Brock was not capable of leading the city in the direction it should go.

Mayor Sonny Nobles says, "We got a lot of things going on and a lot more coming down the road, so I felt my philosophy and the majority of the council, that we need someone perhaps a little more aggressive."

Before the city council could officially ask Brock to resign at a special scheduled meeting, Brock gave a verbal resignation to the mayor and the council president.

Brock immediately cleared his desk. Council president Don Boyette says Brock was an asset to the community, but several issues were brought to the council's attention.

Don Boyette says, "We're beginning to go into construction phase on a $10 million septic and sewer system. We felt like there are some of the deadlines that had almost past that we couldn't get grants for. This was clearly his responsibility."

Mayor Sonny Nobles says the current public works director, Bob Farley, will serve as interim city administrator until the position can be permanently filled.