Second Chance

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Gadsden County school officials are trying to make sure every child in the county gets an education, and they're working diligently to provide students with the necessary tools to achieve academic success.

The students enrolled at Carter-Paramore Academy are getting an opportunity to get the help they need to do well in school. More than 200 at-risk students are now benefiting from a small class setting that will help them master core subjects at their on pace.

Students at Carter-Paramore are provided an array of programs, including GED exit options, and after school tutorial. And just around the corner of the campus there's another program aimed at helping students with behavioral problems.

Gadsden Central Academy is now the last chance for students who have emotional disabilities or discipline problems. The job of administrators in this setting is to make sure these children get counseling as well.

School officials say while academics play a major role, they emphasize the need to get these kids help with social behavior problems.

Administrators are still trying to recruit children who've dropped out of school. They're encouraging them call Carter-Paramore Academy or the school board for more information.