Lowndes County Schools’ Energy Conservation

With natural gas prices expected to be 60 percent higher then they were last year, Lowndes County schools are taking precautions now to prepare for the rise in prices.

Dr. Steve Smith, Superintendent of Lowndes County Schools, says, "We're going to investigate additional ways to cut back and conserve more energy. We want to investigate in software that would help track what our current energy costs are."

Investing in software is just one of the many things being done. Superintendent Smith says renovation processes have already begun to replace outdated equipment with more energy efficient appliances.

Teachers at Lowndes County schools are also on board with the plan.

Ken Overman, a fifth grade teacher at Hahira Elementary, said, "Teachers here at our school have really joined in the effort. We've been asked to turn thermostats up, computers off, and turn lights off."

Teachers at Hahira Elementary School say it's just a matter of disciplining yourself every time you leave the classroom.

Teachers support the energy conservation plan because they say not only is it saving money, but it's money they could see sent back to the classrooms to help the students.

Ken Overman adds, "Every dollar is strained in education and every dollar back to the classroom does nothing but benefit these students, and so that has really motivated us to be more careful."

Overman believes giving the students a responsibility at school will help them become more energy conscious when at home.

Superintendent Smith will address the energy conservation plans later this month at a meeting with Gov. Sonny Perdue and State Superintendent Kathy Cox.