Taylor County Deputies to See More Money

Taylor County Sheriff L.E. Williams says the approval of a budget increase is the key to keeping his deputies.

"We've had a number of them go to state prisons, the local state prison. There are also some in surrounding prisons. We've had them leave to go to Leon County and also down in Alachua, down in Gainesville,” says Williams.

The additional funds will give raises and benefits for department employees.

Williams says this will allow salaries for Taylor County’s Sheriff's Office to compete with other agencies.

"There's also a state prison here who was paying quite a bit more than what we were for the longest. I think now, the increase will make a difference,” Williams explains.

The total amount of the budget increase going to the Taylor County Sheriff's Office is $615,000. The Taylor County Commission Chairperson, Daryll Gunter, says they were able to budget in $5,000 per deputy and corrections officer.

"We're extremely excited to help the sheriff out. He's been a great team player with the commission. The commission is glad to be able to help him; more importantly the deputies and corrections officers working for us,” Gunter adds.

The total approved budget for the department is slightly more than $5.4 million.