Police Raid Crack House

For months, police have investigated drug activity at a duplex near Central Street and Fourth Avenue in Tallahassee.

A recent raid on the property turned up more than $1,600 in cocaine and marijuana and about $1,500 in cash.

"A lot of the neighbors came out of the houses and came and thanked us and thanked God that this had been done. They are tired of dealing with this and they've pretty much had a bellyful of it,” explains Sgt. Dave Ferrell, TPD.

Seven arrests were made, men and women ranging from 49 to 21 years of age, a mix of sellers and buyers.

Sgt. Ferrell says this duplex has been a hot spot for about six months. But since the raid, things have cooled off a bit.

"People would come over here and set up shop and sell out of here, there were a couple of elderly people who lived here. They were pretty much being taken advantage of Rand they're nice people too. We had DCF come and they are doing an investigation. It looks like that's going to work out to be a very positive thing,” Ferrell adds.

Sgt. Ferrell says the raid has greatly disrupted activity in the area, for now.

Last week, investigators went undercover and bought crack cocaine from the front porch of the duplex. That buy led to the issuance of the search warrants.