FAMU Freshmen Move In

It's hot, they're tired, but the job must get done.

"It is hot outside. I have lost about 50 pounds walking up and down the steps. The sorority that's helping us, they're very helpful,” says Shareicka Griffith, who is helping her sister move.

With some help from fraternity and sorority members, and campus police, FAMU freshmen are moving into their dorms.

"We want our new Rattlers to know that this is truly a university with Excellence Is Caring as its theme. We live that; not just for freshmen move-in, but it permeates throughout the year,” shares FAMU VP of Student Affairs Patricia Green-Powell.

Freshmen move-in lasts throughout the weekend and many made sure to get an early start on the task.

Students say they're excited to become a part of the FAMU family, but also add the box-carrying and bed-making can be a bit overwhelming.

"The guys, the women, everybody is great help, great help, everybody. [Did you have a lot of stuff?] A lot of stuff, a lot of baggage, everything,” says FAMU freshman Deaunnah Drew.

"We will visit her, but we will also take our hats off the this FAM University body,” adds Drew’s father, Charles E. Jackson.

Classes do not begin until Aug. 29.

University officials say having move-in days a week early gives new students time to take care of loose ends and get comfortable with the university.

Freshmen dorm move-in hours have been extended to 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.