Decades Old Rivalry

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It's a rivalry that began more than 40 years ago.

Last year, the game was cancelled because of lightning, so this year, both teams are ready to take care of some "unfinished business."

It's the season opener and as students say, the biggest game of the year.

The Thomasville Bulldogs and the Thomas Central Yellowjackets have been cross-town rivals for decades, and for many, the game is a family tradition.

"We've all grown up doing that. Like our parents, have always been into it. It's the biggest game,” says Thomas County Central sophomore Danielle Stewart.

"It's not like watching an NFL game. It's like people you know so you can cheer for them and bring them on,” says Varsity cheerleader at Thomasville High Candice Bailey.

For the players at both schools, this game is a chance to prove themselves.

"We didn't get to finish our game last year, so really our whole team is really excited about playing this game tonight. I hope we come out victorious,” Wide Receiver Nick Dodson of Thomas County Central explains.

"During the off-season we worked hard and we put in a lot of work and it's time to pay-off now,” says Thomasville High Runningback Allen Jackson.

Some fans live for this game and have been a part of the rivalry from the beginning.

Mrs. Floyd, a former student and the ticket salesperson at Thomasville High, holds the Bulldogs close to her heart.

"I have always been a Bulldog. This was my school and I've lived in Thomasville all my life. A when you get a Bulldog right here in your heart it don't come out. It stays there,” Floyd shares.

The fans here are loyal to their teams from students to alumni.

The traditions are part of life, and season tickets are sacred. They are passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom of sorts.