Coal Plant?

The proposed coal fired plant would impact both those who use the energy, and those who would live near it.

People traveled from Taylor County to the city of Tallahassee, to talk about an issue effecting the North Florida Power Project.

"I'm really worried if we get a coal fired power plant in our community, it's going to cause even more health problems,” says Taylor County resident Joy Towles Ezell.

Since June, some residents of Taylor County have been working on what they call an educational campaign about coal plants, these women say, the campaign is a fight against the Taylor County commission, because the commission wants to see the coal plant in their county.

"They do want it, and they have actively worked to get a coal plant to our county,” Ezell says.

The chair of the commission says the reason they want the plant is simple, "We are pro-job growth in Taylor County. This is just one of many aspects we pursued,” says Taylor County Commission Chairman Daryl Gunter.

Gunter says for years, Taylor County has led the state in unemployment, and it's time for that to change, and says no one's health is going to be compromised to do it.

"We've heard the concerns and the complaints. I would really challenge everyone to do their own research. Look for factual documentation about the type of plant that will be built here. The information I've seen from the opposition is 1950's technology,” Gunter says.

These women want to see the issue go to a vote by the people of Taylor County.

But commissioners say, they were elected to make these types of decisions and will do so.

Representatives of the North Florida Power Project are still considering whether to build that coal plant in Taylor County, or elsewhere.