Attempted Rape Near FSU

An attempted rape near the FSU campus Wednesday night brought Tallahassee police out in force Thursday, urging students and others who live in and around Campus Circle to keep their eyes open and their windows and doors locked.

Plain clothes police went door to door on Campus Circle looking for information and putting students on alert after an attempted rape in the neighborhood Wednesday night.

INV Kathy Watson with the Tallahassee Police Department said, "We were wanting to let you know about an attack that occurred in the neighborhood."

Meghan Giblon, a Campus Circle resident, said, "They gave us a description of the guy and everything. It is a little scary, a lot of the females here, we rely on a lot of our male neighbors to keep an eye on us, but that was a little scary since the guy's targeting only women."

Police confirm a woman was attacked in her own apartment Wednesday night, struck by an intruder who then tried to rape her. A returning neighbor apparently interrupted the attack.

Tallahassee police say they believe the same man was spotted beneath a woman's window Monday night, but he fled. Police worry he may be getting bolder.

OFC John Newland, Tallahassee police spokesman, said, "The first time he was confronted, he didn't do anything. He ran off. The second time, last night's incident, was different because he went through with what he wanted to go through with."

Right now police have only a basic description of the man: black, 20 to 30 years old, medium complexion, medium build. It's not much to go on, but both times he's been confronted on Campus Circle. The man claims to be hiding from police, and after this attack, he really is.

INV Kathy Watson encourages residents to keep windows and doors locked, be especially alert after dark, and call police if you see anything suspicious at 850-891-4200.