Hospital Rumors in Madison County

Madison County hospital administrators want to put some rumors about money shortage and secret meetings to rest.

It's business as usual at Madison County Hospital as nurses carry on their daily routine of providing quality care to local residents, but in the past few weeks rumors about money shortages have been running rampant.

Former CEO Bob Pugh claims thousands are now missing from of the hospital coffers.

“There was a concern about meeting special needs that Friday and no one could understand why it was $125,000, when it was $351,000 the previous two weeks,” he says.

But interim CEO Deena Hames disputes those claims.

"This year we're in the black. We just finished our fiscal year, and we did fair this year," she says.

Another rumor they want to put to rest is that of secret meetings without public notice.

Tammy Stevens, CCO of Madison County Hospital, says, "We have had our attorney, Kerry Harding, look into those matters. He has assured the board and the management of hospital all of the meetings that have been held are according to statue as far as not breaking any rules or regulations.”

Hames says despite the rumors, one thing remains rumor free: quality care will always be the number one priority at the rural hospital.

Hospital officials are concentrating their efforts on finding an ideal place to relocate the hospital, and that should take place in the next three to five years.