A Call for Volunteers

The Red Cross is short of thousands of volunteers, so it's calling for a big push to recruit people to train and head out west to help in the hurricane ravaged areas of the coast.

Chris Floyd with the Capital Area Red Cross says the work in hurricane ravaged areas is far from over, and the need for help is still strong.

In response, the Red Cross is making a national call out to recruit more than 40,000 volunteers. The Capital Area Chapter hopes to recruit 350 by the end of November.

Chris Floyd says, "To continue to provide assistance in shelters in service areas, providing mental health work, physical health, all kinds of opportunities still for volunteers."

The push for volunteers has been dubbed as "give hope now." For veteran volunteer
Jean McCarter, it's more than about giving hope, but a second chance to the families who lost everything. She volunteered in Alabama and Mississippi immediately after Katrina.

Jean says, “It feels really good to know that you're helping someone when you're sitting there face to face interviewing someone who's lost everything and you can give them something, you feel like, ‘I've done my part.’"

McCarter encourages others to take on her same mission to help. Floyd says the training to become a volunteer is free and the experience, priceless. If you'd like to volunteer, call the Capital Area Red Cross.