Leon County Schools Are Using "Raptors"

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The assistant principal of the School of Arts and Science, Jane Wofford, is a pioneer of sorts when it comes to protecting students.

She says, "This summer I was researching some possibilities for security for our school and recognizing if someone came on our campus who could possibly be a sex offender."

The Raptor is the result of Wofford's research.

"It's wonderful. It's time-saving, gives us information we can use and very inexpensive," adds Wofford.

The Raptor is plugged into a database of convicted sexual predators from 46 states. People who come onto campus have their ID screened, and are either cleared to enter when matched against the database or asked to leave.

The Raptor is so efficient that other schools are now using it, and it's also getting a glowing endorsement from deputies.

"The Raptor computer has definitely made our job easier. We have everyone that comes in screened," says Leon County DEP Paul Emmons.

Other schools are looking into it, so we can expect to see more schools with the system in the future.