Teen Report: SADD

Students at Chiles High are doing positive things in the community with a club called SADD.

Autum Scott, a SADD member, says, "SADD is a club we started here at Chiles, which is Students Against Drunk Driving."

These students have made the choice against drinking and driving.

Autum Scott adds, "In SADD we try to convince students to be more careful when their driving and to make better decisions."

Students at Chiles High School aren't joining SADD just for their college resumes, but for what they get out of it.

"Yeah, to know that you're going to know that your going to help save someone's life or convince them not to do bad decisions or convince them to do good decisions than know someone is out there going to drive drunk," she says.

Convincing students is not always easy, so they try to keep it fun while also getting the message out.

Lauren Baas, a SADD member, says, "During Pack Attack we might have a car go in the parade we really just want to do things that the students would like we really try to emphasize it."

Some reasons for joining the club are personal, but others just want to set an example. These students are proof you don't have to be an adult to make a difference.

SADD is also sometimes used as an acronym for "Students Against Destructive Decisions." There are thousands of chapters all over the country.