Centennial Celebration

Ten decades later and Grady County is still thriving. Saturday the town held a centennial celebration. Grady County reached a milestone! It's celebrating 100 years of township.

Georgia's Gov. Sonny Perdue could not make the Centennial Celebration, but did send his regards.

"The town of Cairo is a living example of the importance of small towns."

Hundreds came out despite the high temperatures. They are here to help celebrate 100th birthday of Grady County.

While many came out to celebrate their heritage, others had different reasons for attending the event.

Johnny Mitchell, a Cairo resident, said, "I love history myself and I knew Grady County was celebrating [its] 100th birthday today, and that's why I came to all the festivities, history in progress."

Ann Wight, a centennial committee member, added, "It reminds the citizens of their heritage. We have a number of pioneer families that have gotten together."

It doesn't matter why people flocked to downtown Cairo. Organizers say the birthday bash was a huge success.

Other events to help celebrate the 100th birthday included music, crafts and local food vendors.