Caribbean Carnival

Saturday was the last day of the 14th Annual Caribbean Carnival in downtown Tallahassee. The highlight of the event was the parade that features colorful costumes and a party-like atmosphere.

Music, costumes and dancing in the street are the hallmarks of the annual Caribbean Carnival in Tallahassee. Each year the event brings in a broad spectrum of people from the community.

Tallahassee resident Kathy Garner said, "I enjoy the cultural diversity that this event brings to our community and I enjoy seeing the people in the parade, the costumes, everyone eating and having fun."

Having fun was also the goal of youngsters as they lined Duval Street anxiously waiting for the parade. Both music and drums soon came through downtown Tallahassee toward Kleman Plaza.

Maria Henry, the Caribbean Carnival organizer, added, "We're here celebrating our culture, sharing it with others and community was very much involved this year."

Much of that community involvement came in the form of volunteers. Many volunteers are college students participating in the parade and several other aspects of the festival.

Jennifer Silva, a Caribbean Carnival dancer volunteer, said, "After this, they open up the village. It's in Kleman Plaza and we have food booths, other booths and the children's carnival. All the dancers will be out there. We'll be doing performances tonight."

Past and present organizers of the Caribbean Carnival say they hope to see this cultural event grow with more participation each year.

The Caribbean Carnival includes live entertainment, food and other venders.