Move-in Day

College students at both Florida State and Florida A&M have been moving into the dorms this weekend. It marks a significant milestone for lots of new college freshmen.

Florida State's new freshman class should get used to this sound. It's the drumbeat of a new chapter of their lives as they move into the dorms this weekend, that of college student.

Katie Webb is an FSU freshman. She said, "I'm nervous right now, very nervous, but I'm sure once I get in my room and meet my roommate for the first time, I'll get excited and comfortable."

As these new college students get past the first day jitters of moving in, resident assistants say freshmen deal with other issues.

"Some people are really excited to be at college, start new classes, but some people are a little nervous to be away from their parents for the first time if it's that situation for them, start classes on their own with having to wake up by themselves not having an alarm clock or a bus to go to," shared Russell Small, an FSU resident assistant.

Resident assistants also say they see a change among freshmen as the year goes on, especially about academics.

"They kind of realize that this is college and it's a serious thing, because after the first semester grades come out and they're kind of like, wow, these classes are harder than when I was in high school," shared Small.

But classes won't start for about another week, so these college freshmen have some time just to adjust to their new home.

As you've probably already guessed, traffic may be a bit heavier than usual as thousands of new college students find their way around town.