Rising Fuel Costs

A recent AAA report puts the national average of a gallon of gas at a little more than $2.60. Rising fuel costs in the Peach State are climbing closer to that national average.

Mark Mayes is filling up his SUV as he makes his way back home to Columbus, Georgia. He's echoing the same sentiment many Peach State drivers think when they fill up around town.

"Right now I think they're a little high and I hope they come down," added Mayes.

AAA’s most recent fuel gauge report says the average price for a gallon of unleaded gas in Georgia is a little more than $2.50. It's an increase from last month's $2.22 and a far cry from last year's average of just $1.76.

The gas hike is forcing some motorists to think about drastic measures. Andy Blackwell is considering other options.

"I'm going to buy a Volkswagen is what I'm going to do."

Though the prices may be more expensive for Georgia drivers, they're still low enough to attract some Florida drivers over the border.

Florida drivers like Frank Lamb say, "The gas prices are a little bit cheaper here in Thomas County and therefore since I pass through up here I take the opportunity to also get the cheaper gas."

And while cheaper gas may not be on the horizon for many drivers nationwide, Peach State drivers like Mark Mayes knows they’re not alone in feeling the pinch at the pump.

In Florida, the AAA report puts the state average for a gallon of unleaded gas at little more than $2.60.