FAMU's Woes

The first day of class is right around the corner as Florida A&M continues its battle to turn its image around, but is the spotlight having any affect on incoming students?

Florida A&M has seen its fair share of problems in the past couple months. whether it be issues stemming from their athletic department or financial challenges, FAMU is constantly under a watchful eye.

"At first it made me kind of scared to come down here. I didn't want to come down to a school that seemed to have everything messed up," said James Highsmith, a freshman studying marketing.

Another issue the university faces is new reports showing FAMU's enrollment is down by 13 percent, but some students aren't worried.

Eric Hardy, a freshman studying journalism, says, "Any black college you mention, you’re going to mention FAMU as well, so just that alone will probably carry it over their problems."

Students may not be worried, but how are parents reacting to all the negative publicity?

Rodney Hemmingway's son is freshman entering FAMU and says, "No, no, I'm not worried. I feel like FAMU is a good opportunity for him. I have more family that left FAMU and went on to be a great success," shared Hemmingway.

While many worry about the challenges facing FAMU this fall semester, incoming freshmen are confident and stand behind their university.

FAMU will start classes on the 29th with a new football coach, new provost, and new rules for the Marching 100.