Northeast Flooded

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The northeast is soaked, drenched for eight straight days in a row, and the forecast is for more rain.

The steady downpour has claimed at least 10 lives and four people remain missing. Flood warnings are in effect across New England in parts of Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.

Swollen streams and rivers are overflowing, trapping motorists and pushing people out of their homes.

The National Guard has joined local crews in devastated areas helping with repairs, but others feel forgotten.

Susan Whitbread says, “Partially we do, we feel like we have been because no one's come to help us."

In Alstead, New Hampshire where a collapsed road turned into a deadly and destructive, rebuilding has already begun.

Paul Garatoni, a retired police officer, counts himself lucky.

From the National Guard to the Red Cross to construction crews, this small resilient town is showing signs of recovery.

Paul Garatoni says, “We re going to be alright; the folks in Alstead are going to be alright, but we need help, help from the feds.”

And from the insurance companies.

Many say their cries for help are not being answered, a call echoed by homeowners across New England where damages are estimates to be in the tens of millions of dollars.