Church Burglaries

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A slew of church burglaries are the talk of the small Leon County community of Miccosukee.

Gay Neel says, "It was Thursday morning when everyone was coming in saying, my church was broken into, and I said, you're kidding," said Gay Neel, who is a member of one of the churches that was burglarized.

She says like most of the Miccosukee community, she's disgusted.

"Really, I think it's terrible, just terrible. Yes, it really is, and it's such a small community."

Now, Leon County deputies are investigating the break-ins and asking for help from the small community.

"We've had a total of five church burglaries so far, all in the Miccosukee community. It started over the weekend,” said SGT Larry Folsom.

Investigators believe these five churches were hit because they're remote and isolated without a large population.

The burglars took video equipment, a vacuum cleaner, a microwave and more. Parishioners say more than their value, they're upset that someone would defile their houses of worship.

Deputies are asking anyone who might have information about this case to please call 850-922-3300.