Jefferson County Senior Center to Expand

A handful of senior citizens in Jefferson County are enjoying a lazy afternoon playing a game of Rummikub.

The Senior Center provides these folks with a golden opportunity to spend quality time and eat a hearty lunch with their counterparts.

Laura Lee, a client of Jefferson Senior Center, says, "We want to get out. I'm actually 70 years old; we still have to get an outlet to meet other people to be able to get out.”

But what some of these seniors want to get out of this facility is more activities.

Bulah Farmer, who enjoys the center, says, "It would be nice if me had a sewing room or a place we could go sing, like Crawfordville."

But unlike Crawfordville, the Jefferson Senior Citizen Center is a small, quaint facility. The executive director hopes to expand and renovate it next year, creating more room for new programs, including an adult day care center and space for health care.

Bobbie Krebs says, "We also would like physician’s office for our seniors so they can come, because transportation is also a problem. We would like chiropractor, pediatrics and counselors."

Krebs has a little over $380,000 for the project, but that is not enough. She's now soliciting the federal government for at least $650,000 to get the renovations completed, and she's hoping to get those funds by early next year.