Fatal Crashes on the Rise

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In March of this year, an accident in Havana claimed the life of one person and left two others in critical condition.

In June a South Carolina man on his way to a funeral in Gadsden County was killed in a head-on car crash.

Sunday in Midway, FL, a 23-year-old man died in a collision off Highway 268. FHP says the victim drove off the road, over-steered and clipped several trees.

Authorities say so far 23 people have died in the rural area this year, compared to a total of 25 fatalities last year.

LT Murphy, Florida Highway Patrol officer, says, "It's statewide, it's nationwide. I was reading a newspaper from my hometown, they say this year [they’re] in the same situation there. At this point, the total number they had last year. It's nationwide; people don't seem to care anymore."

Morris Young, Gadsden County Sheriff, says, "We're having drivers fall asleep, we're having people drive too fast on the roadways, especially in inclement weather, and I think along with FHP we're going to watch the traffic."

Florida Highway Patrol officials were keeping a watchful eye by air and by land, stopping speeding motorists who were driving at excessive rates.

State troops along with Gadsden County deputies are stepping up their efforts to curtail some of these fatal accidents. Drivers who drive at an excessive speed will be sure to see blue lights, and we're not talking about discounts. Authorities say these motorists won't be getting a discount.

They'll be paying hefty fines for breaking the law. FHP and Gadsden deputies will be out in various parts of the county trying to stop speeding motorists.