Silent Witnesses

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Life-sized, red, plastic silhouettes are becoming the newest addition to many businesses and organizations in south Georgia, but what are they?

If you take a closer look you might be surprised.

Lori Dooley, Silent Witness project participant, says, "The people who have been seeing them are very moved by them and they want to get involved and want to know more."

They want to know more about The Silent Witness, a project that's sharing the stories of the victims of domestic violence murder.

Right now the goal is 10 silhouettes, but program coordinators say domestic violence murders happen every day. It also can happen in your community, and to the people who live next door. For instance, Annette Anderson died in Lakeland, Ga, but was originally from Valdosta, Ga.

Deborah Mashburn says, "I think it’s very powerful when you put a face or a name to the death and realize it's happening in your local area."

Organizers say they want the silhouettes to get more folks asking questions about domestic violence and its tragic consequences.

Dooley says, "There are lot of people that are not aware that may want to keep it behind closed doors and we are just trying to bring it our in the open."

It’s giving victims like Annette a voice and a chance to have their story heard. If you'd like to sponsor a silent witness silhouette, just send $40 to Re-direct on Bemiss Road.