Handle Candles With Care

It's Fire Prevention Week, and with a boom in the sale of scented candles, Tallahassee firefighters are urging you to use them with care.

A fire on College Avenue last summer is one of many that was caused by an unattended candle. Tallahassee firefighters estimate they respond to at least one fire a month that was started by the flame of a single candle.

LT Scott Henderson of the Tallahassee Fire Department says, "We've been to many of them and they are year round, not just during this time of year. You just always want to remember that any time you do use candles, make sure you have a sturdy holder to catch the wax, keep the children and the pets away from them and absolutely don't put them next to any combustibles, boxes, curtains or blinds."

Firefighters say the number of candle-caused fires has risen steadily nationwide in the last 10 years as the popularity of candles soars.