Tallahassee Woman Survives Hurricane Katrina

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When Hurricane Katrina hit the big easy, Katherine Reeve was inside her apartment watching in horror.

"It's the kinda stuff like seeing the war on TV but you never think it’s gonna happen to you. The next morning when the levee broke, within an hour it had flooded to the ceiling."

With nowhere else to go, Katherine spent two nights in the attic.

"That night we swam out onto the roof to try to get rescued by FEMA helicopters, but it was nighttime and they couldn't see us, so we swam back into the attic until daybreak and then swam out in the morning and cried for help."

Fearing her life, she watched everything she owned wash away.

"The refrigerator was floating, and at one point I was using it as a boat and just worrying about my cat. "

Then a miracle, she spotted a rescue boat.

Since Reeve was rescued she's waited for word from FEMA. On Friday she got that call and next week she plans to return to New Orleans.