Harvest Ed at Valdosta Technical College

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Valdosta Technical Collage played host to thousands of visitors on Saturday for the school's annual 'Harvest Ed' event. It’s a program designed to show folks of all ages that returning to the classroom can be a fun and rewarding experience.

"We started this festival to let people come on campus and really see what technical education is all about, and improve its image. We are very high-tech; we're not chalk and talk," said Angela Crance from Valdosta Technical College.

The school's high-tech offerings were on display, including a specialized tool making machine, which caught the eye of everyone who walked by.

"There are so many different opportunities that you see out here," said John Eunice, a Valdosta City Councilman. "All the different departments are out here displaying what they've got to offer to students that are in high school. Even students in middle and elementary school that are looking around."

Parents say their children will learn a lot from this educational event.

"They remember everything," said Tawanda Wooten, "so they'll constantly be like. 'Momma, do you remember that day we came to Val Tech and we did this and we did that?"

Valdosta Technical College did not have to spend any money on this event thanks to the many community businesses that help sponsor the event.