North Florida Hispanic Festival

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A multi-cultural event brought out a large crowd of diverse people from around our area Saturday.

The North Florida Hispanic Festival at St. Louis Church in Tallahassee featured live music, traditional food, dance performances, plus arts and crafts.

Organizers say this event grows larger each year. This year, organizers say they expected about 3,500 participants for the annual festival.

Festival coordinator Bill Torres said, "From the 2000 census, there are supposedly 8,000 Hispanics in Leon County, so we're trying to bring them out and share some of the culture and have them enjoy foods from their countries."

A festival participant from Nicaragua, Dina Calero, adds, "I like to see the group dance, the people dancing because I could learn from other cultures and I could meet people from other Hispanic countries."

Part of the proceeds goes to benefit the Ronald McDonald House scholarships for Hispanic students.