Portrait Returns to its Place of Honor

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Augusta Conradi was the wife of the Florida State College for Women president Edward Conradi, and for decades it seemed that she was gracefully watching over the students performing in the college theater.

Graduate of FSCW, Mary Lou Norwood, says, "When I was a student at FSCW and doing technical theater, there was a lovely old portrait of August Conradi in August Conradi Theater because it was named for her in 1931."

But the portrait went missing sometime after the school became Florida State University and Norwood set out to find it or replace it.

Finally, this summer, she found Conradi's family. The grandson had the only known picture of the former first lady of FSCW.

"I appreciate that the university is restoring the history and contributions of my grandmother and recapturing the period of FSCW," said Conradi's grandson, Edward Ekermeyer.

The dean of College of Visual Arts, Theatre & Dance, Sally McRorie, explains, "We're engaged in what's called a heritage protocol here at the university. We're really looking at the former families and figures who were important in the history of the university."

The Augusta Conradi studio theater is inside of the Williams building at Florida State. It's a small theater, but it's still used for student productions throughout the year, and now current and future students who perform here will be able to share a connection with those who came before them.

Florida State University is conducting several other heritage projects. If you have information or a possible contribution to the Heritage Project, you can call University Relations at (850) 644-1000.