Kingfisher Shootout

A two-day fishing tournament raises a lot more then just the numbers on a scale.

After weeks of waiting, the weather finally cooperated for the Third Annual C-Quarters Marina Kingfish Shootout.

Millard Collins, the dock master at C-Quarters Marina, says, "Fishermen love competition. They like to get out there and try to beat each other fishing, it's great. The weather is beautiful."

But catching the biggest fish is not what's most important. The tournament is to raise money for a good cause.

Lindsey Jackson, who helped organize the event, says, "We're raising money for the Leukemia Research Foundation. It's in memory of my mom, Lisa Crowder-Jackson."

With over 40 boats and participants from across the state of Florida, the tournament raised $100,000 to donate towards the potentially lifesaving research.

Jackson adds, "The first year we gave $50,000 to them, and doubling that is a really big accomplishment, and it's just a good feeling knowing most of it's going to research."

Collins adds, "The big thing is leukemia, raising money for them. Catching fish is nice to the guys, they understand that and that's big money, but leukemia is the big thing."

The Kingfish Tournament had been postponed because of bad weather, but organizers and participants couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

Organizers say 88 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to leukemia research. This weekend's big winner is Sean McDaniel, bringing in two fish totaling 49 pounds and 55 ounces.