Alcohol Related Fatals Up

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Deadly car accidents involving drunk drivers jumped 10 percent in Georgia, a huge increase compared to a two percent reduction seen nationwide.

There were nearly 400 people killed on Georgia roads last year in accidents involving drunk drivers. Local drivers say they are not surprised because they see a larger drinking problem at hand.

Jessica Wray, a driver, said, "It’s a huge problem because teenagers want to drink and nothing is going to stop them from drinking."

A study by the National Transportation backs that up, saying the most at risk age group is among younger drivers.

SGT Earl Durrance said, "Beginning this time of year, every year, we pick up on the number of road checks and the number of patrols we have out looking for drunk drivers."

Brian K. Childress, Valdosta Police spokesman, says, "DUI is our biggest concern and we're going to actively pursue these drunken driving violators. We're going to do everything in our effort to train our officers, educate the community, then we're going to aggressively enforce these laws."

And with tools like a mobile testing trailer, officials plan on a large scale enforcement of the drinking and driving laws. Officials hope to curb the number of alcohol related deaths across our region.

While Georgia saw a 10 percent increase in alcohol related deaths, Florida's numbers actually declined slightly during the past year.