First Responder Training in Tallahassee

First responders are often the last hope in desperate and dangerous situations. That's why law enforcement agencies take training for situations very seriously.

A call out for a possible bank robbery or maybe it's a situation with hostages; in these sometimes life or death situations, what are the police supposed to do? That's exactly what one man is teaching his room full of first responders.

John Kane, managing director, D-Prep, LLC, says, "The goal is to train officers how to respond to a wide variety of critical incidents. Everything from barricaded gunmen, hostage taking, terrorist incidents; all those things have a common thread."

Because emergency situations can happen so fast, the Tallahassee Police Department wants its men and women ready for anything. TPD says this training is so important that it invited first responders from throughout the area.

SGT Chris Summers with the Tallahassee Police Department says, "I think they're receiving it well. One of the big lessons is that incident command begins with the first person on scene."

While the instructor says in the field experience is critical, alertness, preparation and how to save lives can begin in the classroom.

This is the second time D-Prep has been asked to teach the tactical class, and TPD says the class is so effective, it won't be the last time.