Bainbridge High School Receives Big Honor

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Students at Bainbridge High School think their school is pretty swell.

Bainbridge senior Ben Fleetwood says, "I think just walking the halls, you can just see that people just love going to this school, and after a short time being here they just want to be here. They love being here. That's a pretty good environment to be around."

The Georgia Department of Education agrees, selecting Bainbridge as one of five Georgia schools to receive a grant from the International Center for Education Leadership.

The grant is funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Principal Tommie Howell says while the grant has no set price tag, it will bring thousands of dollars to the school, providing the tools to become an elite institution.

Howell says, "We were selected based on a wide variety of school improvement measures, and we were told that we rose to top consistently across those measures."

It’s an honor that gives hard working students something to take pride in.

Bainbridge sophomore Shirelle Clark says, "I think that's awesome that we got the grant because it shows that we're a really trying and that the students are really coming up to the challenge as far as school work goes."

Armed with the research and resources provided by the grant's study, the Bearcat paw prints of Bainbridge High will help lead education deeper into the 21st century.

The school's principal says Bainbridge is one of 75 schools nationwide receiving the grant and participating in the study.