Valdosta Traffic Plan Debate

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For the past several months, leaders in Valdosta have experimented with a possible solution. Now, the trial run is coming to a close, and a decision has to be made.

C.A. Sanders says, "The first time I came down here I noticed it was different when I went the wrong way. People have been saying they need to change it back to the old way."

But some people say the old way was the wrong way, filled with long delays almost daily, and while traffic was especially light on Monday because of a student holiday at VSU, engineers continue to stick with their plan.

Von Shipman, Valdosta City Engineer, says, "This has resulted in eastbound traffic movement on Baytree increasing by 35 percent, northbound on Oak increasing by 32 percent, which is exactly what we were hoping to see."

Some supporters of the one-way plan say it doesn't go far enough.

Christi Waller says, "I say yes to keeping it like it is, but with the stipulation that they change Georgia Ave. and Patterson Street, so then it would be a one-way circle."

The change to Oak Street isn't permanent though because the city council will still have the final say on the future of this road likely before the end of this year.

If a one-way Oak Street gets re-approved, engineers plan on changing other Valdosta roads next year to help improve drive times.