Florida Prepares for Katrina

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Many Floridians are still recovering from last year’s hurricanes, not to mention Dennis in July. Now another storm is on its way. “Katrina” has emergency officials in Tallahassee preparing for heavy rains and flooding.

Ben Nelson, state meteorologist, says, “With the fairly large circulation there could be extensive flooding over central and south Florida as Katrina takes potentially a full day to cross Florida during the day Friday.”

Things are relatively quiet at the Emergency Operations Center in Tallahassee, but by Thursday the state will be on full activation. All eyes will be on “Katrina.”

Michael Delorenzo, Chief of the State Emergency Response Team, says, “Now is the time for residents to prepare to make sure they have their plans and make sure they pay attention to any protective actions those local governments would issue.”

Emergency officials say they still have plenty of supplies left over from Hurricane Dennis and have moved them to central Florida.

Michael Delorenzo says, “We are presently with our logistics section looking into what might be the possible needs for the impact in south Florida.”

Emergency officials say they are preparing for the worst, since conditions are right for an intensifying storm. Once Katrina clears the peninsula and hits the Gulf of Mexico, forecasters say it could veer right for the Panhandle, which is still recovering from Dennis this year and Ivan last year.