Verdict in Tallahassee Rape Trial

Twenty-six-year-old Leo Rains was accused of the 2004 rape of an acquaintance and battery on a law enforcement officer.

It took three hours for jurors to reach their decision, following hours of emotional testimony Tuesday from the defendant and the victim.

Rains was found guilty Wednesday on six of seven counts. Among those, the rape of an acquaintance last August and the battery of a sheriff's deputy responding to the scene.

Rains was later sentenced to life behind bars.

Alex Morris, defense attorney, said, "I was a bit surprised with the jury's verdict with respect to counts one, two and three. I did think the evidence didn't support the jury's finding in that regard, but I think the jury wound up, in the remaining counts, doing what the evidence supported."

Frank Allman, prosecutor, said, "I just want to commend the jury for the hard work they did. They had a long trial to sit through and a lot of counts to sift through, but they obviously gave it a lot of consideration and came up with a very appropriate verdict."

Allman says this was not an easy case and that he commends the rape survivor for her testimony. Morris says the case came down to credibility.

Alex said, "There was DNA evidence involved, but I think it was the jury's determination as to whose credibility they would believe, whether it was the accuser's credibility or whether it was Mr. Rains' credibility."

Rains has requested an appeal, which Morris says will be filed in the next day or so.