Cairo High School Gets Spunky Crossing Guard

One energetic crossing lady can be found in front of Cairo High School.

At first glance she might look like any other crossing guard, but give Mary Passmore a minute and she'll give you a performance you'll be talking about for the rest of the day.

What once started as a hobby has made this crossing guard the talk of the town.

Blake Odum, a student, says, "She's pretty crazy! She'll be dancing and singing. She enjoys it. I'm amazed by what she does."

Calandra Williams, also a student, says, "Our crossing guard is great. She has a lot of spirit and I like her dance moves."

Mary gives thanks to Jesus for her inspiration. She says she moves and dances to the music in her head.

Don't let the dancing fool you. Mary's out here to help traffic move smoothly and get students to school safely. She's been doing it five years and says she doesn't see herself quitting any time soon.

All singing and dancing aside, Mary is out to do a job.

Passmore says, "I do have to crack down sometimes. Sometimes I do have to get a tag number and we run a check on them and they have to pay a price."

The bright yellow shirt may be what grabs your attention, but Mary's spunky way to keep traffic orderly is what have people talking day after day.

Mary's bright yellow shirt was donated by Cairo High School. It is their way of showing appreciation for what she does.