Disaster Contributions Continue

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The emergency operations center at the Red Cross in Tallahassee is completely empty, a much different story than after the tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.

"During the height we had 20 nurses. Today we have one or two."

Fewer nurses and fewer volunteers are coming and going, but Emergency Services Director Chris Floyd says it's not donor burnout; it's just that needs have changed.

"We've been providing assistance for six weeks. Their needs have gone down and been met."

And even though fuel prices are so high and the holiday spending season is almost here, the Red Cross says they don't expect to see a big decrease in volunteers or donations.

"People might not be able to give as much during the future, but I really think people will come out in a large scale disaster like Katrina and do what they can in a time of need."

Monday a new group of Red Cross volunteers deployed to Louisiana, a sure sign that Americans are continuing to give.