Florida Man Makes Threats Against Governor, Government

A Tallahassee man sits behind bars. It's not what he did, but what he said.

FDLE agents arrested 46-year-old Nathan Stewart accusing him of making a series of threatening phone calls to the Capitol. The Leon County Sheriff's Office first interviewed Stewart at his Brafforton court home last week.

SGT Chris Chase with LCSO says, "The deputy, after interviewing Mr. Stewart, did find there was threatening phone calls toward the governor and the government. He forwarded that information to the FDLE who has since followed up by obtaining warrants and serving them on Mr. Stewart."

One threat was aimed at Gov. Jeb Bush. He's quoted as saying that "he felt like strapping a bomb to himself and attending the governor's next meeting."

Gov. Jeb Bush says, “When a guy wants to blow your head off, it's not related to politics, it's related to issues going on inside his head."

According to the arrest papers, Stewart was upset at the governor for privatizing Medicare, and because of that he was unable to get his medication.

In another phone call he's quoted as saying "if I don't get my meds soon I'll have to kill somebody."

The arrest report also tells us that Stewart says at the time of those threatening phone calls he was not on his psychiatric medication.

Stewart's neighbors refused to talk to us on camera; however, one person told us off camera that Stewart was a nice man.