School Safety Blitz

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Julie Purdy is spending the afternoon with her two children enjoying a day at the park, but taking kids to a playground isn't all child's play for a parent.

Julie says, "When [we] come to playground [I] make sure I don't see anyone without a child."

Stranger danger is a common concern for many moms and dads. Police say for good reason. Every 40 seconds a child is found to be missing or abducted in this country.

Ryan Dunphy says, “Parents should never let down their guard. Just because we don't hear about it as much in our area doesn't mean it can't happen."

Tallahassee police are launching a safety blitz geared to keep kids safe. It spans several subjects including stranger danger and tips for latchkey kids.

Dunphy adds, “Teach your child his or her address, not to hand out, but to give to law enforcement in case they need it."

Julie now finds herself raising Sofie and Domenic in a much different world than when she was little.

Purdy says, "[It was a] different time 30 years ago, didn't think about these things. We could play outside without parents. It's scary"

Julie's best defense is arming her children with knowledge to protect themselves. Another component of the TPD back to school safety blitz is officers want to remind drivers that speeding fines are doubled in school zones and can cost more than $500.