Buyout Could Help Leon County Residents Living on Flood Prone Land

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For years, Killearn Lakes Plantation has been dealing with flooding issues. It's been so bad in some neighborhoods that over the years, Leon County has actually bought out homes and property, saying it was the only option.

Brad Troutman, Executive Director of Killearn Lakes Plantation, says, "The acquisition list has helped a number of residents that had truly catastrophic flooding, water two or three feet in their homes. In situations like that, the acquisition list is a godsend to those residents."

For the third year in a row, the Leon County Commission has set aside another $1 million in the proposed new budget to buy out flood prone properties.

Alan Rosenzweig of Office of Management and Budget says, "They said we're making a strong commitment to flooded properties, and what that is: people who have no other means to deal with houses that typically flooded for whatever reason."

Once the county buys back the homes, they are torn down. Several homes once stood on the now empty lots.

Brad Troutman says, "There's been six homes bought in the Killearn Lakes area over the past four or five years."

Alan Rosenzweig adds, "The county has a list of about 200 properties that they're working through. This will be the third million for the program."

This program will cost the county $3 million over a three-year period, but for the people who've been rescued from their flooding homes, it's priceless. There is still one home left in Killearn Lakes on the acquisition list. Others are located on the county's southside.