Governor Seeks Reassurance That Gas Supplies Are Adequate for Katrina Preps

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When Hurricane Dennis hit Florida in July, many people were stranded without gasoline. It’s a situation Gov. Jeb Bush didn’t want repeated, so he met with petroleum suppliers and asked them to increase inventories.

“Because of the efforts of the oil companies and our encouragement, the good news is Port Everglades is now at 95 percent capacity."

Jim Smith, President of the Florida Petroleum and Convenience Store Marketers Association, has been working to make sure Florida has more than enough gasoline.

“We’re confident we have had higher inventories than we normally have,” he said.

While the supply may be better then last month, state officials admit anytime a storm comes ashore, shipping comes to a halt and there may be scattered supply problems.

State officials are not expecting major shortages from Katrina. They say there’s no reason for people to panic or hoard gas.

Gov. Jeb Bush says, “Clearly people need to have gasoline for their safety, but let’s make sure their neighbor also gets some as well.”

State officials say Katrina isn’t likely to cause long drives for evacuations, so if everyone uses gas reasonably, there should be no major problems, and if there are shortages, they won’t last long.

State officials say another reason people don’t need to stock up on gas is that Katrina is not expected to cause major power outages.