Hurricane Katrina

The folks in Florida must think their state is a magnet as yet another storm zeroes in on them, heading for the southeast coast.

Forecasters predict the winds will take a backseat to Katrina's waves and rain; up to a foot is expected. Already the Sunshine State is a soggy state. Rainfall last month was twice the normal amount.

Kelly Levendorf, a south Florida resident, says, "We are going to drain the pool at the house and make sure it doesn't overflow."

Add to all that the storm surge, and Florida's most populated areas could be facing some significant flooding. Though they are not here on the beach, most residents don't seem to be going anywhere. Katrina is not a monster storm like others that have recently hit this state and many feel this is one they can ride out.

Gas stations and supermarkets have been busy all day with people topping off and stocking up.

Tanya Chugerbowski, another south Florida resident, says, "We're not going anywhere; we have no place to go with three small children and two dogs, so we are staying."

Katrina is expected to make landfall late Thursday or early Friday. Now it's strengthened to a category one hurricane, it is the second this year in a state still reeling from four hurricanes last year, and while no one knows what damage Katrina will cause, one thing is certain: MTV's Moonman will not be a casualty.

The giant statue in Miami for this week's music video awards was lowered to the ground. Like the residents here, it's laying low until the storm passes.