Sunbelt Ag Expo Starts in Moultrie

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Agriculture continues to be one of our region's most important industries. Farmers from our region and around the world are now in our area for the annual Sunbelt Ag Expo.

David Bunch says, "We just find out what's available, what technology has occurred since last year, and we see what we need, everything we've ever wanted, we found here and eventually bought."

There's something for almost any kind of farmer; machines for growing large crops, or tools designed to help anyone with a home improvement project.

The expo offers up the latest money saving technologies for sale, but it’s also a great place to stop and trade stories of what's working best for other farmers, but it’s not just the men who are enjoying this expo.

Tabbatha Masters says, "There's something for everybody. The girls can shop for purses or they can come and look at the equipment and there are animals for the kids to look at and pet."

For some people, attending this event has become a family tradition passed down through the generations.

Van Roberts, visiting from Alabama, says, "It's something to do; it’s fun. Come see what's new. We've been here ever since they had this show going."

If you are a farmer or just have a passing interest in all things agriculture, you still have time to come and check out the Sunbelt Ag Expo. It runs through Thursday.

Admission to the world's largest agriculture expo is just $5 per day.