Lanark Village Water Woes

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Tempers are boiling over in Lanark Village where residents are challenging their water and sewer district, saying they're tired of paying for water they won't dare drink.

You have to boil it to drink it; it's a warning heard all too often in Lanark Village.

Pauline Sullivan, a concerned resident, says, “I'm never sure when it's drinkable, and I have to pay for water, and I buy seven gallons a week for drinking at home.”

She's not the only one stocking up on reserves. At the local beauty parlor, Barbara Rohrs needs clean water to make a living.

Barbara says, “The quality of water is so poor that you risk getting cancer, but they let you know it's not an immediate problem.”

Not immediate, but enough to scare an entire retirement community where boil-water notices are commonplace. Tack on a ready-to-serve fee being assessed to all property owners, and tempers rise.

Barbara adds, “You can't keep charging astronomical prices in order to make up for your deficit.”

James Lawlor, Water and Sewer District Chairman, says, “We have a system that's 30 years old; we gotta get out, get an upgrade.”

James Lawlor is also a paying customer. He feels the pinch, but knows operational costs are on the rise. He says the district must play catch-up.

There will be a Town Hall meeting addressing concerns over water and sewer this Friday in Lanark Village.