Speeding on Grady County Canopy Roads

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The scenic roads of south Georgia are often traveled by folks looking to enjoy the scenery, but one local county has received citizen complaints regarding reckless driving.

The speed limit on Meridian Road is 55 miles per hour, but residents say motorcycle drivers fly through the canopy road.

Amy Loper, a Grady County resident, says, "On weekends they go by pretty fast, usually 10 or 12 of them. They're going really fast, and you know with the deer and everything crossing across here it's really dangerous."

Grady County Sheriff Harry Young says a lot of the riders are from Florida, but whether drivers are from Georgia or Florida, his main concern is their safety on Grady County roads.

Sheriff Harry Young says, "We welcome them coming in riding, joy riding, but they've got to realize that excess of speed and reckless driving has got to stop. It doesn't take but one wreck to have a death in your county."

The sheriff says they are answering citizens’ complaints by setting up road blocks.

Sheriff Young says, "We'll be targeting most of the roads coming into the county on weekends, just preventing speeders."

The goal he says is to keep residents and riders safe on the roads. The Grady County sheriff says a reckless driving citation can cost up drivers up to $700.