Former FAMU Coach Joe Speaks Out

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Over the past three seasons the FAMU football program has been littered with mistakes that are in desperate need of a do-over. Of course, it started with the silly attempt at moving to DL. It was followed by over 200 violations and culminated with the wrongful dismissal of coach Billy Joe.

We can now officially say what we all knew all along that coach Joe was fired without merit. The truth came out Saturday in Colorado when coach Joe was cleared of all wrongdoing by the NCAA.

The problems do not end there. Seven Rattlers have been suspended for the rest of the season for their part in the violations that have already occurred.

"It's time for FAMU to do it right. 'FAM' is a good, solid, quality academically oriented institution and 'FAM' is now in the Big Leagues, and 'FAM' must go ahead and resolve this issue, and to resolve this issue 'FAM' needs to give me the balance of my contract, and I think FAMU will step forward,” says Billy Joe.