Lower Your Utility Bill

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Energy Department figures show a typical family spends close to $1,300 a year on energy bills, and that figure is about to get even larger.

That's why insulation contractors say maintaining proper insulation should definitely be a priority.

"It's the only thing that guards between the outside and the inside environment,” says Rex Stevens of Davidson Insulation & Acoustics Inc. "As far as your heating and cooling, it can't help but to save you money."

It will save you money, but it'll cost you. However, Bob Seaton, who works for the city utility company, says you don't have to pay big bucks to cut down on costs.

"If the customer has a heat pump, which is the system most folks have in Tallahassee, then turn it down two to three degrees at night. If you go any lower bring it back up two degrees at a time."

He suggests keeping the thermostat at 68 degrees and he says there's no better time to follow that advice than this coming winter.

"If a costumer spent $100 to heat last winter, the same amount of energy the cost would be $120 this winter."

It’s an increase in your bill you'll start noticing in December, so Seaton says being a conscious consumer is a small way to save you big.