Senator Holds Town Hall Meetings

Topics ranged from hurricane disasters to high gas prices. Hurricane Katrina landed in Mississippi and Louisiana, destroying homes and taking lives and created what experts say is a $50 billion catastrophe

The trickle down effects of the disaster can be felt in Florida as residents worry whether the federal government will have enough resources to help hurricane victims, since we're still fighting a war in Iraq.

"You can make a very strong argument and sour our foreign policy is about providing for our citizens of the United states too, but the question is how they can stretch the resources, but I guess we're going to find that out."

In addition to those concerns, these folks are also finding out Senator Nelson has been lobbying to get insurance companies to save money for natural disasters.

"You pay it in your premium for homeowners insurance premium and making them set it aside for our reserve funds so when the big storms hit."

Nelson says he's asked the president to freeze gas prices, but from the looks at these high prices in Wakulla, more folks will be pinching their pennies at the pumps.

"Our people can't stand that we have people making $20,000 a year and they can't afford to go to work and we have seniors in fixed income they can't afford to drive to the doctor. That's how serious the situation is."

Nelson held town hall meetings in four other counties Thursday as well.