Is There a Gas Shortage?

But the big question now is will there be enough gas to go around? It didn't take long for the Thomasville Road Chevron station to run empty.

Wednesday night, drivers lined up three to four cars deep for a limit of twenty dollars of gas. This morning the tanks were dry.

"We've got three gas cards, Chevron, BP and Shell and all of them, we still aren't able to get any gas, even here."

But is there a gas shortage in Tallahassee? The Florida Petroleum and Marketers Association says no. The problem is that people are panic buying and hoarding gas unnecessarily. And that's why stations are running out.

"There were three different gas stations with bags on them. I'm delighted to be here, but I'm not so happy when I saw the prices."

There's not much to be done about the prices. The trouble is diminished capacity due to Hurricane Katrina, but that's only going to be short term, still not making people feel any better about what they're paying today.

"The gas shouldn't have gone up so high so quick, it's too much, I can see down the road, but to jump twenty to forty in two days; that's a lot."

Unfortunately, this price surge is expected to continue. However, The Petroleum Marketers Association says they expect prices to go down in about two to three weeks.

Local law enforcement tells us there have been several reports of gas driveoffs. They say stations can solve that problem by making customers pay before filling up.